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Alhamdolillah alf Marra !! mubarak to the millat and the Ummah on this day when the creation of this Pak Sarzameen was written in Loh e Mehfooz ! We had promised you that today, we will cross another milestone in our sacred journey towards Takmeel e Pakistan -- launch of our gift of adab and love for Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) -- Urdu translation of our English book -- From Indus to Oxus ! MashAllah, Mubarak -- the moment has arrived !!

From today, the Urdu book would be available in all bookstores of FEROZ SONS pvt ltd, the oldest brand name of Pakistan in Publishing quality books for the last 5 generations MashAllah. The publishing of this epic book is a joint venture of BrassTacks and Ferozsons and now all outlets of Feroozsons in Karachi, Lahore and Pindi would sell these masterpieces.

The sale price of this epic is Rs: 3000/- (three thousand).

If you do not have Ferozsons outlets in your cities, contact your nearest bookstore. They will get it from Ferozsons. All book stores keep books of Ferozsons and will happily arrange copies of our book for you.

If you are student and cannot afford the book, ask your school, collage or university library to arrange the book for you. They will get it from Ferozsons for you to read without having to buy it yourself.

All those who are outside Pakistan, pl contact the following email address of Ferozsons. Their export division will dispatch the book to you in your country.

Those who are outside the country can also ask their friends and family to buy the book in Pakistan and then send it to you through some family member or friend. The book is published by the largest, most reputable and oldest publisher of Pakistan and there are no issues in its export or sending it outside Pakistan.


You can buy directly from BrassTacks office in Pindi.
Our office phones are : +92 51 5598046,7

Shami will take your details and will inform you on how to send the funds. We can dispatch anywhere within Pakistan inshAllah. you may to pay some extra postage cost, else you can visit us and pick your copy personally.

You can send us cheques, drafts or direct account transfer to BrassTacks or send via easypaisa type services.

Those outside the country can use Western Union.

Please send me email directly and we shall send you bank details also.

There are some members who want to buy more copies and want us to distribute the books among those who deserve to have this epic. We shall do this duty for them.

This is NOT an ordinary book, this is a milestone in creating a greater Pakistan on the march towards Takmeel. This is not just a romantic journey for your soul but also a source of halal rizq for the mission which keeps this mission afloat. We never ask for donations but prefer to earn through our projects and books. This halal rizq brings barakah which you see in this mission today, alhamdolillah.

One request : please read the above post 3 times :)) all questions have already been answered. follow the guidelines. Any confusion, contact our office directly.

Barak Allah feekum. May Allah give infinite barakah to Pak Sarzameen and bless this Ummat e Marhoom in dunya and Akhira !

Mubarak once again. This is your moment to contribute to the mission!

This book is now available at the following FEROZSONS book shops..


Ferozsons Bookshop
Telephone: +(92) (42) 111-62-62-62
Fax: +(92) (42) 636-9204

Ferozsons Bookshop
51-54 Gaddafi Stadium
Telephone: +(92) (42) 571-2250 & 571-2276
Fax: +(92) (42) 571-2020

Ferozsons Bookshop
Z Block, DHA
Telephone: +(92) (42) 573-5662 & 3

Ferozsons Bookshop
H Block, DHA
Telephone: +(92) (42) 574-2804 & 5

Ferozsons Bookshop
Urdu Bazzar
Telephone: +(92) (42) 722-7086

Ferozsons Bookshop
Pearl Continental Hotel—Shop no 9
Telephone: +(92) (42) 636-0210


Ferozsons Bookshop
Telephone: +(92) (21) 111-62-62-62
Fax: +(92) (42) 582-5170


Ferozsons Bookshop
Peshawar Road
Telephone: +(92) (42) 62-62-62
Fax: +(92) (51) 556-4273

You can order the book online now


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